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NDE laboratory

Eurasian Economic Union rules have strict requirements on the amount of nondestructive examination and the quality of weld seams. Without properly made nondestructive examination it is impossible to fulfill the standards requirements and consequently to obtain CU TR 032/2013 certificate/declaration and to use the equipment on territory of Eurasian Economic Commission (Customs Union).

Our NDE laboratory can carry out control of welded joints by ultrasonic test, penetration test. Our laboratory is certified (licence Nr. 58A050686) and all specialists are qualified and have all essential Diplomas/Certificates.

NDE laboratory can do visual control, including measurement of the ovality, that is very important for correct technical passport making.

Our laboratory has the licence № ИЛ/ЛРИ-00829 for steeloscoping examination carrying out.

Services of our laboratory:

  • nondestructive examination of welding, metal structure by ultrasonic examination

  • penetrant examination

  • visual and measuring inspection of vessels

  • steeloscope

  • x-ray films decoding

Our NDE (non-destructive examination) laboratory was opened in year 2009.

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