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Creative, comprehensive solutions.

When we partner with our customers, we commit to accompanying them along the development process. Many companies are strong in the R&D of new products and procedures but lack the ability to effectively scale their ideas. That’s where we come in: to challenge existing ways of working and to innovate powerful ways forward.

Group-IPS Innovation creates lasting value early on in project development, so our customers can get ahead of the competition before it even heats up. With extensive familiarity of multiple industries and a highly educated team, we employ our wide-ranging expertise to tailor-make solutions for any challenge.

We begin each collaboration with a process audit to ensure that we fully comprehend current procedures and specification. We then undertake a fundamental analysis of the challenge, including extensive brainstorming with our team and consultation with laboratories and universities who may be able to advise on the project; we also correspond closely with our customers to hear and incorporate their feedback.

Next, we conduct an industrial analysis to translate our most promising ideas to the project context. Finally, after implementation is complete, we continue to follow up with our customer to ensure optimal efficiency, functionality, and cost savings. With the skills and experience of hundreds of trained IPS project management experts working across all industries, no challenge is too great or too specialized.

  • Operational cost reduction

  • Process & knowledge mastery

  • Legislation change implementation

  • Documentation management

  • Waste management

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