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Decision to Prepare


Process Engineering


Mechanical & Piping

Electrical & Instrumentation


Safety Engineering

BIM MOdelling

Mass balance



Environmental Impact


Building Permit


Detailed Scope Definition

Integrated Plant Layout

Budget & Spending Plan

Detailed Time Schedule

Site Supply Negociations


Risk Analysis

Procurement Plan

Supplier Prequalification

Inquiry Specifications

Technical Negotiations

Contractual Negotiations

Commercial Negotiations

Contractual Agreement


Project Definition

Budget & Spending Plan

Detailed Time Schedule

Business Plan

Appropriation Request


Financing Structure

Financing Negotiations

Technical Support

Subsidies Request


Site Logistics Detailed Design

3D Simulation & Validation (FlexSim)

Warehouse Detailed Design

Material & People Resources Design

Digitalization Plan & Digital Twin

Big Data Analytics



When a new project is defined, Group-IPS will obtain all necessary permits, perform detailed investment analysis, and begin to procure equipment and facilities. This ensures that when the project is ready for approval (Gate 3), site preparation can begin immediately.

Our strong in-house basic engineering capacity, combined with a strict project preparation methodology, has resulted in record project execution times for world-class manufacturing plants. Today, a substantial number of our customers apply our project preparation methodology within their own organizations.

Twice a year, Group-IPS hosts an intensive Project Preparation Training series in its Technological Centre in Germany.

Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis details project timing and operational costs so that Owners can make informed investment decisions.

Extended Basic Engineering

Extended Basic Engineering provides a competent contractor with the tools to quote, perform, and build within a fixed lump-sum budget. By performing Extended Basic Engineering in-house, we can optimize layout, define technical concepts, and provide an outline for budget and timing.

Detailed design is performed in-house for all critical items or, where risk is a factor, by our engineering partners, bringing added value to projects.


We launch in-house permitting activities as early as possible—in most cases, as early as the project feasibility phase. Group-IPS take a highly proactive and open approach in regard to permitting, and we inform the necessary authorities at every project phase or in the event significant changes must be made. This results in a fixed time schedule to which Group-IPS, the Owner, and the authorities all commit.


Once the procurement strategy is defined we are able to schedule all procurement activities into the detailed project preparation time schedule. Every activity is scheduled, including all technical and contractual negotiations, and the project team is organized in order to meet this schedule. Potential contractors are informed well in advance and motivated to participate in different tenders.

According to our analysis, the main cause of project delays is the late placement of orders. By working with a fixed schedule, we can eliminate this bottleneck completely.


For small and medium enterprises, we elaborate a feasible project financing structure and organize all negotiations with banks, venture capital funds, and local governments (in the event that the project qualifies for subsidies).

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