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Short-, Middle-, Long-Term Forecast and Product Mix

Circular approach to waste management


Plant Development

Site Selection

International Expansion


Risk assessment


Strategic Business Plan

Asset Due Diligence

Pre-Transaction Analysis (CAPEX)

Post-Transaction Analysis (OPEX)

Lender Technical Advisory


Project Phasing

Logistic Network Design


Make your next investment with the utmost confidence. At Group-IPS, we strongly believe that each industrial project should fit within its Owner’s overall business development strategy. That’s why we specialize in helping our customers to validate their five- and ten-year development plans and place their ambitions within a broader international context.

Industrial plants need to be engineered for growth and flexibility in order to adapt to market developments. We help our customers create long-term Master Development Plans for their facilities, resulting in fruitful new projects and possibilities.

We are strong believers in long-term strategy. Over the years, we’ve been very happy (but not surprised) to see that the majority of our customers return to their original master plans when they investigate new investments.

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