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Project Idea

Process Description

Key Project


Process Innovation


Process Optimization

Overall Time Schedule

Preliminary Budget & Spending

Permitting Roadmap



Financial Requirements

Investment / Divestment Strategy

Funding Plan

Business Case

Public Subsidies Analysis

Site Logistics Concept

Flows & Segregation Design

Operational Expenses Design

Digital Audit & Transformation Plan


To proceed to the preparation stage, we believe all projects should be able to pass through three distinct “gates.” First, a project must be deemed worthy of investigation (Gate 1). We then create an initial investment proposal file, which allows the project Owner to liberate the necessary funding for project preparation (Gate 2). This results in the final decision to invest (Gate 3).

The Project Feasibility stage allows our team to conduct sufficient analysis to present the project to top management. It also confirms the project’s technical proven solutions, financial data, and business case in accordance with the master development plan.

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