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IPS Services

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Our global network of project managers and engineers offers a wide range of tailored services for any industrial project.

Because all Group-IPS team members and service providers are trained with the same unifying methodology, projects progress smoothly and can be completed on time and under budget.

Businesses who choose Group-IPS enjoy immeasurable added value and an array of additional benefits, thanks to our depth of expertise and breadth of professional insights.

Greater flexibility.

Group-IPS cross-industry service providers each employ the same methodology that makes IPS a project-management powerhouse, allowing for more adaptability as a project progresses.

Improved alignment.

With equal parts design, engineering, process, and management expertise, Group-IPS ensures that all parts of the project work in tandem.

Smarter budgeting.

Traditional contractors often over-promise and surprise their customers with unforeseen costs. When unexpected changes do occur, Group-IPS project managers are better equipped to adapt to change and remain on budget.

More context.

Many customers are prepared to invest in boosting their production but aren’t able to envision the most effective environment in which to do so. Group-IPS brings cross-industrial knowledge and experience to every one of its customers.

Clearer communication.

Because all team members are trained in project management and employ IPS methodology, team communication is fluid and each team member understands the others’ needs.

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